The aim of project Muudi is to promote the mental health of young people of color experiencing racism. By racism, we refer to discrimination based on skin color or ethnic origin. Muudi’s activities are for young people aged 13-29 who are looking for peer support from other young people and want to learn more about how racism can affect their mental health. 

Muudi is here to

  1. Promote the well-being of youth experiencing racism through peer support 

  2. Increase young people's participation by involving them in active anti-racist activities

  3. To provide information on the mental health effects of racism among the youth 

  4. To strengthen the voice and perspectives of the youth in public conversation on racism


Experiencing racism is harmful to one's mental health, as is hearing about it and seeing it. The effects of racism run deep and are not always visible to the outside world. Young people who have experienced racism may hide their feelings and experiences from others. According to the youth, racism has affected their identity and mental health for years after the incident. 

Typically, young people who have experienced racism may have feelings of shame, self-blame, lack of belonging, anxiety and depression. These experiences can also lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. The effects of racist experiences can be difficult to recognise in oneself because the behaviour patterns may have been learned as a child. Dealing with these experiences through peer support is one way to heal the anxiety that racism can cause.


Project Muudi organizes peer-to-peer activities to promote mental health. It also organizes training, workshops and school visits dealing with the mental health impact of racism, in cooperation with other actors. Project Muudi operates nationwide and is active on social media channels under the account name @sun.muudi. Muudi shares information on the mental health effects of racism and provides low-threshold tools to promote mental health. Young people are actively involved in the development of the project throughout its lifetime.

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