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Youth Mental Health Association – Yeesi was founded in 2011 by young people themselves. The organisation is Finland’s first national Mental Health Association for young people. Members of the organisation have an opportunity to enhance mental well-being of their generation. Our important values are giving from young people to young people, ”low step” (easy to access for everyone) and flexibility, positivity, development and positive attitude towards change.

We feel that mental health is a life skill resource and an asset. Small choices and decisions we make in our everyday lives have an impact on our well-being. Things that give you joy and strenght will enhance well-being and bring confidence to your own skills. Feelings of accomplishment strenghtens one's self-esteem. Meeting with other people, sharing your thoughts and feelings, creativity and general inner happiness all have an effect on how you feel daily. It’s good to remember to give yourself time to relax, chill out and just be.

Our action is based on positivity, teamwork and giving from young people to young people. Yeesi organises various activities which leave you with a positive view on life, such as volunteer work, different vocation and places for youngsters to hang out.

The aim of our organisation is to increase awareness amongst youth of the importance of taking care of your own mental well-being. We want to give opportunities for any 13–29 year olds to enhance and learn how to cherish your own mental well-being and to helps others look after theirs. With Yeesi, young people can make their ideas into reality with encouraging atmosphere.

Our main channel of communication is social media where young people can also engage in our activities.

Sign up to be a volunteer in Yeesi by filling this form. For more information on volunteer opportunities in English, contact Noora at 050 576 8474, or Facebook: Yeesin Noora

More information about mental health you can find here.

Yeesi edistää nuorten mielenterveyttä nuorten omia voimavaroja vahvistamalla.

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Yeesin Kehugeneraattori

Kehugeneraattori auttaa sinua löytämään uusia tapoja sanoa hyviä asiota toisille. Kehut ovat peräisin yeesin vapaaehtoisilta, opiskelijoilta ja Suomen Kuvalehden artikkelista.

Kentälle tarvitaan lisää moninaisuutta ja tietoa rasismin mielenterveysvaikutuksista


Kentälle tarvitaan lisää moninaisuutta ja tietoa rasismin mielenterveysvaikutuksista

Muudin Vanessa piti kaksi viikkoa sitten puheen PALOMA-päivillä rasismin vaikutuksesta nuorten mielenterveyteen. PALOMA-päivät on pakolaistaustaisten ihmisten mielenterveyteen keskittyvä tapahtuma, joka tuo yhteen aiheen parissa työskenteleviä ammattilaisia ja asiantuntijoita. Tilaisuudessa kuultavissa puheenvuoroissa esiteltiin tuoretta tutkimustietoa, hyviä käytäntöjä ja uusia työkaluja. Tästä blogista löydät katkelmia Vanessan puheesta.

Yeesin tsemppibotti


Yeesin tsemppibotti

Tsemppibotti tarjoaa kannustusta sinulle sekä ideoita muiden tsemppaamiseen. Tsempit ovat peräisin eri tapahtumissa kohdatuilta nuorilta sekä nuorisoalan ammattilaisilta.


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