From me to you

Yeesi's summer intern Kamilla is sending you a message in a bottle.

From me to you

It is my message in a bottle. It survived the tumbling waves of the virtual sea and reached the shore in safe.

We are still strangers to each other, but I would like to speak to you with honesty. I might remind you someone from your past or present; your old classmate, a weird girl from your neighborhood, a relative, a friend, an acquaintance. I could be anyone. I could be someone like you.

I am named after a flower and a character from a TV series; combine these two elements and you get a hybrid creature that is half-natural and half- manmade. In real, I am a centaur.

“Kamilla or Camilla” (as you like) has different meanings in Arabic , Latin , Japanese and Armenian; funny enough that I am coming from an Eastern-European country, where they sell tissue, herbal tea and toilet paper with the same letter combination.  Yes, I made my homework, and I created new self-definitions, going against the notions of “nomen est omen” (destiny is in your name).

In my book, C stands for curiosity, creativity and chaos. I am a cat in the morning, a camel while I am drinking a cup of coffee and a koala (K, it is cheating! ) as I get emotional. Let´s not speak about those moments when I turn green as a crocodile and become spiky like a cactus. Better to cool-down, do some sport and meditate.

I have already talked too much, and you did not have a chance to say a word. I would be curious about your story. How would you define, who you are? If you leave your message in a bottle, I might be able to find it, and reply.

With Love and Curiosity,

Yeesi’s summer intern

Kamilla Fodor

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Uusi kasvo toimistolla: Aino aloitti verkkotyön koordinaattorina

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