How to stick your `New Year Resolutions`

Hyvää uutta vuotta!! ( Yes I am trying to learn Finnish :D ) Happy New Year!! This is the magical time for making changes in our lives. Therefore, all people creating new year resolutions

How to stick your `New Year Resolutions`

Celal Yasin Nari

Hyvää uutta vuotta!! ( Yes I am trying to learn Finnish :D ) Happy New Year!! This is the magical time for making changes in our lives. Therefore, all people creating new year resolutions. Some of them want to lose weight,  some of them wants to learn new languages. On the other hand, some people just carry their 2019 resolutions to new year because they failed last year. Before you lost your self-esteem, hold up and read: There is some stuff might help you here for your new year resolutions :

Put small aims

     `Everybody wants to be a superstar/Rock the world and make the cover at The Times`. Do these words sound familiar to you? Those are the lyrics of the song `Everybody Wants to Be an Astronaut` by Royal Republic .(free song advice :) ) It defines the main problem about our desires in this world, sometimes they are so big aims that just a few can reach there. Therefore you should be realistic about your new year resolutions and start by putting small aims. If you want to change the world you should start off by making your bed.

Keep Journal

Writing is always better when the topic is tracking. Write your goals and track them daily or weekly. It will help you to visualize and remember your goals that will change your life day by day. You can either start keeping a daily journal or you can use the `don’t break the chain` calendar which is about putting mark to every day that you made something for your resolution, so it will create an awesome chain in the calendar. It will motivate you for a new day ` I shouldn’t break the chain because it feels that I am changing and achieving for my better me. You’re welcome future me :D ’

Don’t break the chain calendar:

Kaizen Technique

Japan...Sometimes I feel like they know everything about everything :D Here is the technique called `Kaizen` from there which is basically about `If you feel lazy or tired, at least do 1 minutes work for your goal daily `At the heart of this method is the idea that a person should practice doing something for a single minute, every day at the same time. Imagine you read 1 page of the book every day and you have like 60 more years on your life. Let’s make calculations: 1-page x 365-day x 60 year = 21,900 pages. Holly molly!  It’s around 90 books for effortless activity. At the end of the day at least try 1-minute work for your goals and you will get good results in the long term.

Get `Goal` buddy

Good news!! You are not the only one making new year resolutions and it is always great to follow your aim with friends. Find a friend who also wants to make an improvement in her/his life and just say ` Hi! Would you like to become `Goal` buddy with me ?` It will increase your motivation and it will add 1 more control mechanism to your journey. Additionally, I am also opened to all kind of `Goal` buddy offers, off the record :D

To sum up, here is the new year and new chance about your dreams. You can use 4 easy techniques: First, put small aims, secondly keep a journal for tracking your goals, thirdly use the Kaizen technique for long term achievements and finally find a friend who also wants to change in her/his life for track journey together. I wish you all a good, successful new year !!


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